Design Portfolio

Here are some samples of my work. If you're interested in seeing my complete portfolio, please send me a message.


Twitter interface + visual + markup

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. I worked with the Twitter UX Team on its latest redesign, making the service easier to use by simplifying its interface and navigation while making elegant changes on the visual design.


FoodFeed entire project

FoodFeed is a Twitter mashup that aggregates the eating habits posted on the service. It allows you to track your own diet and see what others are eating around the world. The project was featured on Wired Magazine and has over 2.600 users and 30k updates.


iTNews interface + visual

iTNews is a content-focused website about technology. The home page has a grid-oriented layout that enables the use of different content modules according to each article's importance. It also features a clean article page that has great readability and integrates the user-generated content.


Holodum interface + visual

Holodum is a company specialized in choosing the right ambient music for stores around the globe. I did the interface and visual design of their corporate website, paying great attention to typographic details and using pastel colors to convey the same harmony they can bring to their clients.


GTD Workshops interface + visual

GTD Workshops is a company specialized in giving one-day workshops that help people learning some of David Allen's techniques. I did the design for their home, events and corporate pages.


Orkut app concept + interaction + visual

GloboEsporte is an OpenSocial orkut application I designed while working at It allows users to share a video of their favorite team in the profile box, as well as discussing about each match in a Twitter-like interface that integrates with the social graph. The application is a huge success in Brazil, with 2+ million active users so far. interface + visual + wordpress is the weblog of Marcelo Nobrega, a famous technology writer in Brazil. I worked on the design and Wordpress integration of his new journal, pursuing a new user experience that favored better readability and user engagement.


DesignFaves interface + visual

DesignFaves is a collection of what's best around the web in terms of aesthetics. The interface is simple as it should be, featuring only the screenshots in a nice size for the best visualization possible.


Paskin interface + visual

Paskin is a small strategy/consulting firm that is focused on building brands on the Internet. I did the design for their home, services and portfolio pages.


PinkSpace interface + visual

I worked on the storyboards and prototype of these touch-screen interfaces that enabled the users (mostly women) to answer questions and participate in polls in an elegant and engaging way. The high-impact of the visual design made the panel attractive to most of the people, consolidating the participation from a high number of users.